Ingwell Communications
is a full service,
solutions company
providing satellite,
web, fiber, a/v and
production services.
We make local, regional
and global communications effective, easy and affordable.



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information call
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“I walked away from my first meeting with Mary
Pat feeling completely confident that I was
working with the consumate expert! She is our first call for satallite or web streaming services and we know we can leave that piece of the project
in her hands--which saves
considerable time and expense. I have been recommending her to
my clients, who then turn around and thank ME for the introduction!”

Michele Aldape, Director of Business Development Showcore, Inc.



There are many video solutions available.
Which is best for you?

We will help you find the right technology and delivery method
based on your needs, audience size and disbursement,
interaction level, quality criteria and budget!

Our servises include;
• Satellite Broadcast
– Occassional Use Space Segment
– Occasional Use Uplink and Downlink Trucks
• Webcasts
• Event and Project Management
• Production Services
• A/V Services

How do other companies use Satellite or Webcasting?
• CEO Address
• Shareholders/Investors Meetings
• Sales and Marketing Meetings
• IndustryAnnouncements
• Town Hall Meeting
• All Employee Meeting